Quick Thoughts: Comedy and Rape Jokes

TRIGGER WARNING for discussion of rape

You know how all of these comedians seem to be placing the brunt of their shows on making rape victims the butt end of their jokes? I just really don’t understand what they think is so funny about rape? No, seriously. I don’t.

I mean I understand the social dynamics of it (namely, rape culture and patriarchy make the mockery of rape victims, who are predominantly women, acceptable because– well –subjugation of women by men is socially acceptable). But what about on the individual’s level?

I mean what exactly about this heinous crime makes people go, “You know what I think I’ll do? I’ll antagonize people who’ve been raped. I’ll antagonize people who have faced this sort of torture and have had few people believe them when they speak of it.”?

And I really wonder how these comedians come up with some of their rape joke material. Do they all just come into some kind of a pow wow after a breaking story about how yet another rapist got away with it and start brainstorming?

I just imagine someone like Daniel Tosh sitting with all of his buddies bouncing ideas off of each other for the next show:

“Hey guyz! What if we mention how someone got beat up before being raped? That’s, like, super funny!”

“Oh wait! What if we high lighted the fact that no one believes them when they go to the hospital or police when they try to seek out help?!”

“No, dude! GANG rape!”

*the group busts up laughing*

“Oh I know! What if they get diseases from it?! HAHAHAHA!”

“You know what the funniest part about rape is? People fucking get PTSD from it! Watching someone tear themselves apart after trauma is funny because they pretty much were given a life sentence while the perpetrator lives their life happily!”

“Yea, man! That one! PTSD is hilarious!”

I mean seriously?!? What kind of sociopathic asshat genuinely thinks rape is funny?