Masculinists: The Worst of the Worst

TRIGGER WARNING for extreme misogyny

So in the previous post, we touched a little bit on what Facebook tolerates when it comes to misogyny and harassment online. But the group of men’s rights activists that tops all of the groups in existence when it comes to male supremacism and misogyny are the Masculinists.

Masculinists, unlike those who associate themselves with the broader “Men’s Rights Movement” or “Men’s Human Rights Movement”, are unapologetically anti-gender equality and are outspoken with their sexist ideologies. They hold no pretense about being “humanists”, like many notable MRAs claim to be. Masculinists strive to establish a world that revolves around male needs and aspirations with women being used as nothing more than sex slaves and domesticated servants.

Essentially, “masculinism” is another term for supremacism, just like other reactionary ideologies that championed the plights of certain races and ethnic groups over other groups. The fanaticism of masculinism is difficult to ignore since the behaviors of the masculinist leadership mirror that of a cult.


Many of these Masculinist groups have been flourishing on Facebook. One prominent one, Masculinist India, boasts 19K likes and frequently posts calling for abuse and torture of women.


Masculinism is marked with many contradictions and confusions when their stances are called into question. Usually their rants are accompanied with a laundry list of slurs and the absence of credible sources to back their claims. The next two photos will illustrate this phenomenon. The first asserting that being a male supremacist doesn’t inhibit one from also being an equalist, with an explanation that makes it obvious that this Facebook user has a tenuous grasp on the definition of “equalism”. The following post is a rant that claims single mothers couldn’t keep their partners because their behavior is “undisciplined”.



Whatever the topic is, however, one thing is clear. Women are always at fault for the ills of society in the eyes of masculinists, and they will find a round-a-bout way to “prove” this point with the use of ferocious typing and little source-linking.

Samples of Facebook Misogyny

Sexism online has become a great obstacle for women looking to partake in cyber dialogue, but becomes much worse when one explores the corners of the web that specifically call for attacks against feminism. The purpose of our blog is to raise awareness about this issue so that it can be addressed appropriately by the cyber community. One way we accomplish this is through screenshots.

This array of screenshots came from various groups on Facebook (which Facebook allows to exist, BTW, despite many reports from myself and my comrades). The following pictures were taken from the Women Against Feminism group, the Anti-Feminism group, and the Exposing Feminism page. These come from a slew of topics, but essentially boil down to one common theme: the belief that women are inferior to men and should be policed.

This should give you a small taste of what Facebook tolerates as far as blatant misogyny goes. Obviously we will be posting new photos of misogynistic rants periodically, most with a focus on a discussion about MRA “theory”.

These pictures come with a trigger warning, since much of the content is extremely misogynistic and bigoted in nature.


The picture above was floating around on many of these Facebook groups.

What follows are posts found on “Women’s Rights News”, which has become notorious for allowing MRA and anti-feminist trolls to make very threatening statements to women and feminist commenters, and the Anti-Feminism group.



The next couple of photos came from “Women Against Feminism”, which has a following of 20K people.



Next we have sample troll posts made to our page. These comments are homophobic, transphobic, and sexist in



Another page to look out for is one called “Female Sex Predators: A Crime Epidemic”, which is known to spread lies including alterations of feminist memes with the logo of the “Ad Council” stamped onto the posters. Here is a sample of their lunacy, which claims that false rape accusations are more traumatizing than being raped.


Something Men’s Rights Activists do online, other than troll the hell out of feminist commentary, is make threats of stealing and publishing personal info of feminists onto anti-feminist websites for the purpose of harassment.


Stay tuned for more exposés of online sexism.

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Below is a list of questions we believe users will have about our page and our mission.

What is the overall purpose of this page?

We’ve created this page to raise awareness of the misogyny that exists online as well as in politics, economics, and the global public arena. We aim to educate folks on feminist ideology, intersectionality, and the history of the women’s rights movement. A good deal of our time will also be focused on raising awareness about the burgeoning threat to women’s rights: the reactionary Men’s Rights Movement (and other movements similar to the MRM).

Why feminism?

Anyone who has any grasp on the historical development of modern civilization will know that women only recently gained the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to run for public office, and even the right to work in the same career fields as their male counterparts. Prior to these advances in the fight for women’s liberation, however, women were strictly limited in their abilities to lead free lives without being completely controlled in every aspect imaginable by “societal norms”. Unfortunately, millions of women world wide still have their lives controlled. According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, 85% of sex trafficking  60% of labor trafficking victims are women (

Not only that, the recent appalling events with rape cases from India to Steubenville and even in many of the Egyptian demonstrations have brought to light the existence of a phenomenon called “rape culture”, whereby which charges against rapists are either acquitted or are never brought to trial. Not only that, politicians within many states in the USA have made it clear that they intend to trivialize the experiences rape victims suffer so that they can advance their anti-abortion political agenda.

The acceptance of rape and oppression of women is so normalized that many multimillion dollar companies (Snickers, Dolce & Gabbana, Fiat, Carl’s Jr., Burger King, etc) utilize ads that demean women for the sake of profit. Society focuses on profiting off of the misery women face by fabricating “anti-rape” products instead of putting rapists on trial and challenging the culture that breeds rapists.

Another symptom of rape culture is the normalization of domestic violence, which is illustrated with the lax treatment athletes, such as NFL player Ray Rice or the fighter known as “War Machine”, receive after evidence has proven them guilty of DV. The response the women victimized by these acts of violence are often shamed, dehumanized, and blamed for the actions of their spouses in the aftermath.

Feminism is a grass roots, intersectional women’s liberation movement that aims to dismantle rape culture, the oppressive patriarchal system that created rape culture, and gain equality for women in the political, economic, social, and cultural spheres of civilization.

Is Feminism anti-men?

Absolutely not. This is a time old stereotype perpetuated by those who are threatened by the idea of complete equality of men, women, and all genders inbetween. The movement simply aims to bring women up to the same level that the male gender has stood at for centuries, and historically many men (such as Frederick Douglass) have proven to be great allies to the cause of gender equality. Feminists welcome male solidarity to the cause.

There have been many feminist pages that have acknowledged that men, too, suffer from oppressions specific to their gender. This page is one of them. When we strive to put an end to rape culture, we advocate the rights of every victim of every gender (which includes men and trans*). We believe that no one should be forced to undergo circumcision. We believe that the unreasonable “macho” roles men are forced to conform to severely damage the male psyche.

So if you’re not anti-men, why are you against the Men’s Rights Movement?

The term “Men’s Rights Movement” is a gross misnomer. From what I have been exposed to on pages such as “A Voice for Men”, “Anti-Feminism”, “Honey Badgers Radio”, MGTOW, etc., there’s not much to say about the things men are adversely affected by. Most time spent by Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) is on bashing, slut shaming, and harassing women and feminists. This is demonstrated by use of screenshots and direct quotes/links from prominent MRAs such as Paul Elam & Tom Martin.

The MRM is saturated in homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism and-yes- even anti-Semitism. It seems to be a movement geared primarily toward cis, white, straight, property-owning men. We don’t believe the MRM stands for the rights and equality of all men, women, and other genders. They uphold the rigid, gender binary as well as the cookie-cutter gender roles that come right along with it. It is a reactionary movement that only serves to disassemble the progress women have gained through years of struggle.

Is this page trans* friendly?

Absolutely. All genders are welcome. We have a strict policy against transphobia, and offenders will have their comments deleted promptly.

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We understand that this stunts the ability to have a fruitful dialogue about women’s issues in some cases, but we would rather not have MRAs take over our threads with their vitriol.